Here’s what you need to know ahead of the latest Driver Companion update.

The latest Driver Companion update is coming soon.
We’re committed to updating and improving our products and services.
That’s why we’re delighted to announce the latest Android software update of Driver Companion will take place this week.

To ensure you have all the information you need, we’ve created a handy guide that includes any changes and ALL the new features – simply download it here. The 247cars driver app is regularly updated with new features and streamlined improvements. Your app will notify you if it requires an update before you can go online. To update, follow the prompts. You can also visit your app store, where our most current version of the partner and rider app is available. Visit the link below to

What do you need to do?
The software release will be available to download this week. To minimise disruption to your business, drivers won’t be asked to update their phones / PDAs until they start or finish their shift.

Please note: If your drivers allow automatic updates on their phones, they will receive the update as normal. If they have disabled this functionality, they will need to go to Google Play Store, search for Autocab and download the update.

So all you need to do is encourage your drivers to download the update to ensure they have all the latest features.

Warmest regards,

Shahzad Ali