Guide to becoming a Taxi Driver Walsall, Wolverhampton, Wednesbury

Although Licensing Councils have different requirements, some things apply to all.

  1. Choose a Council for your Taxis Licence
  2. Complete Application Form
  3. Pass the fit and proper test by completing a Disclosure and Barring application (DBS), give permission to check your driving record, prove your identity and prove your medical fitness
  4. Receive training to drive a taxis in your area with or without a taxi knowledge test
  5. Get an Taxi Identity Badge.

Driving a taxi is a massive responsibility and only the most trustworthy individuals are considered.

247 Cars are recruiting drivers all year round and in March 2019 we had 39 drivers join the company.  We have a team of taxis experts ready to guide you through taxis application process in Walsall, Sandwell and Wolverhampton.  Our taxi customers are also welcome to apply to join our 400 strong driving team.  This will become even easier in April 2019 when we will be adding an application button in the 247 Taxi Booking App

Most taxis drivers are male, but there is a growing trend of female taxis drivers.  We at 247 taxis have lady taxis drivers who can be requested by our customers if required.

Many people see taxi driving as a poor career choice because of misconceptions generated against it by the actions of a minority.  247 Taxis has created a culture of mutual respect between us and our taxi customers.  It starts at the very beginning with a professional, pleasant member of staff greeting the client before booking their taxis journey.  If something goes wrong during the taxi ride, then our customer is empowered with the information to reach the taxi customer service department than can help.  Why are we telling you this? The answer is simple, in that therse is another misconception that taxi drivers experience trouble every day.  At 247 Taxis we are proud that our complaint rate is a fraction of 1% compared to the millions of journeys we do every year.  The result of this is little to no trouble for our drivers.

We believe we are customer service company who deliver a taxis service.  This ideology makes us unique in West Midlands Taxis Industry as our focus is on the former which guides what we output.

You may go to work everyday and meet the same people and do the same thing.  247 Taxis can promise you that no two days are ever the same.  You meet all sections of society, which creates new connections.

Driving taxis on a part time basis can also add to your income allowing you improve your lifestyle.  We once had a teacher who was planning to emigrate to Australia and for two years he committed himself to drive four days a week and in the holidays.  This financed his dream and is now leaving in Perth with his wife and four boys, who incidentally were all born in Australia.

If you don’t have a car, then we can help with that too.  It is entirely up to the individual.  Some drivers are happy to rent whereas others ask us to buy them a car so they pay it off over a period of time.  The flexibility of driving for 247 Taxis is second to none.  You decide when you work or when you take a holiday.  This is because taxis drivers are self employed and do not need our permission in deciding their work pattern.

Whichever Taxis Badge you apply for, we are please to confirm that you will still be able to work for 247 Taxis.  Here are the links for you to begin the process of application for a Private Hire Badge

Apply Wolverhampton Taxi:

Apply Walsall Taxi: