Walsall Wood Taxi

Get a Walsall Wood Taxi: 01543 224747

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247 Cars are an established taxi service in Walsall Wood

247 Cars are a taxi company full licensed by Walsall Council. We offer a fast responsive service in the Walsall Wood, Shelfield & Brownhills &  areas of Walsall.

With over 400 drivers we will be with you in seconds.

Affordable Walsall Wood Taxi Service

With a minimum off peak fare of just £3.00, 247 Cars are one of the most affordable taxi providers in Walsall Wood.

If you’re looking for a taxi to or from Walsall Wood & Brownhills; call us on 01543 224747 to book today.

For walsall we provide a dedicated number so you can also book a taxi from just a single call at 01922 212121.

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