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All Taxis Are Tracked by GPS. You can monitor your taxi to check its progress via the web. Book your Taxi by App by just few clicks.



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Coventry is a metropolitan city in England. Historically part of Warwickshire, it is the 9th largest city in England and the second largest in the West Midlands.

Coventry is often overlooked on the tourist trail by most people; it has amazing tourist attractions to witness and rich history.  It has recently won the title of ‘UK city and Culture 2021’. This bustling city is home to several music venues and four major sporting teams.

If you are travelling from Birmingham Airport to Coventry then you will surely search for ‘Coventry taxis near me’ or something similar- well we will help you choose the best airport taxi to your destination but first let us share our customized list of the places worth a visit in Coventry.


  • See whats left of one of England’s most famous cathedrals by visiting the Coventry Cathedral. Another cathedral was built right next to this one which features a grand tapestry by Graham Sutherland.
  • Do go to the Transport Museum. It has an amazing collection of cars, bikes, and bicycles. FUN FACT: Coventry was actually the birthplace of the bicycle. We learned this fact at the museum, pay a visit to learn more interesting things.
  • Visit the unsung art and culture. Check out Herbert Art Gallery as it hosts several exhibitions by local artists. If you want something slightly modern then visit the Tin Music and Arts Centre in the Canal Basin for music, film, and classes.
  • We operate there! Yes, you heard it right. 247 Cars not only offers airport transfers but operates there too. We are the best cab service in Coventry and will suit your pocket.



247 cars offer timely and reliable airport transport services in the UK. In case you’re looking for a Coventry taxi service to Birmingham airport, we are there to help you reach your destination with the utmost comfort.

Please note that we offer a door to door transfer services and have a wide range of vehicle choices with extremely professional drivers for your comfort. We provide anything and everything from the executive car, standard to an MPV

You can reach Coventry from BHX airport in 16 min via A45. If you’re looking for top-quality and reliable taxis to Coventry, reaching your destination was never this easy and hassle-free! Our booking system allows you to pre-book and get a quote simultaneously.

Our rides are cost-effective and will definitely suit your budget. You can also avail our ‘cheap taxi quote’ by staying up to date with our discount schemes.

The good news is that we are available 24 hours a day; Our Coventry taxi number is operational around the clock and we are always there to assist you with booking, complaints, or queries.


247 Cars run  across UK with credible Taxi Services. If looking for a  Cab rush us for a trusted Service for a solo, family or a group journey. We love to Serve on priority.we’re always happy to help


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