8 Point Guide Booking Taxi Rush Hour

8 Point Guide to booking a taxi in the rush hour

Get your 247 Taxi on time in the morning

  1. Do NOT Pre-Book taxi, call up in the morning
  2. Use the Taxi App to judge waiting time for yourself and get the highest priority.
  3. Double time for your taxi journey compared to Off Peak
  4. Leave one hour for bus station, train station and airport taxis. Our carz Go to all major stations and ports
  5. Plan your taxi journey so you arrive at your destination early
  6. Book non-essential taxi journeys after 9.30 am (the taxi fares are also cheaper)
  7. Do not keep ringing our taxi lines back as this jams the switchboard and in fact makes matters worse
  8. Try sharing a taxi ride with a friend to cut your cost and reduce demand.

Booking a taxi ride at peak time morning rush and it turn up on time is a minefield in Walsall, Wolverhampton and Wednesbury.  Many taxi passengers do not factor in the traffic and demand during this time and so get late.  Also remember if you are booking a Black Cab then you must leave even more time as this time of specialist disability taxi may need to travel further to pick you up.

Just like shopping on a Saturday lunchtime may well have some disgruntled spouses bring dragged around the supermarket.  You are guaranteed to have a queue at the tills.  Many people will get a cab to the supermarket at less busy time like in the late evening.  247 Taxis serve all Walsall Supermarkets and will always pick you up quicker and more consistently than many of the “taxi free phones” in Walsall superstores.  Tesco and Asda get particularly busy, but large taxi fleet is around every corner.

247 Cars is the most popular taxi service in Black Country and therefore demand for our drivers is extremely high between 7 am and 9 am on weekdays.

247 operates taxi auto taxi dispatch which means the Walsall, Wolverhampton and Wednesbury map is split into smaller zones.  Taxi drivers are dispatched by a computer according to which zone they are in to make for a more reliable taxi service.  However, no system is perfect and we can guarantee that we still deliver 95% reliability, even at busy times.

This system has made us the largest taxi company in the local area, which allows us to deliver the cheapest taxi fares.  We charge to 0.10 of a mile so its very accurate.  Whether in Walsall, Wolverhampton or Wednesbury you can your taxi prices from our book online taxi section of our website.

We appreciate nobody likes being left waiting and as our thousands of regular users will testify 247 Taxis are very good 99% of the time.  We have the highest Google customer review ratings for a taxi company in all areas.  This also includes taxis for places like Tipton, West Bromwich and Great Barr.  If you live in a village then its no problem, our taxis serve all the village locations providing an A1 service.

Taxi users can help us manage the flow of dispatch by taking note of our booking guide above.

We are constantly updating the cutting edge taxi technology we use and there will be a further upgrade in April 2019 which will deliver faster service.

Book Taxis as easily as ABC by App or online by clicking here.

Our easy to remember taxi numbers

Walsall Taxi Number : 01922 666666

Willenhall Taxi Number : 01902 247247

Wolverhampton Taxi Number: 01902 313233

Wednesbury Taxi Number: 0121 556 0706

What is the largest Taxi Company in the Black Country.

Answer: 247 Cars


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I needed a disabled taxi I am a wheel chair user.. the taxi arrived on time. Was very helpful and patience getting myself and my powerchair into the taxi. His quick reflexes stopped me falling out the taxi because of me miss placing my foot . Thank you so much for saving me. . I would recommend this taxi
Rita Booker
Ordered a taxi on a Friday peak and extremely busy time. My taxi arrived within 5 minutes. Taxi driver was really pleasant and drove safely in lots of traffic. I arrived at my destination in good time
Pam Lakhpuri
Taxi driver was very kind first thing he did as he arrived at my collection point was got out of the taxi and offered to put my case in the boot. The journey to my destination was very pleasant. He was chatty , polite and a ray of sunshine making my journey happy , no loitering in traffic and I got to my destination quickly and safely. Thank You
Excellent service to Birmingham airport for 8 of us. Booking was easy, confirmation text and called on morning of flight to say was on way. Would definitely use again. Good price also
Amy Jose
Very good and reliable service. Turned up as requested. My driver checked the route due to heavy traffic and was able to navigate the back roads to save journey time. Car was very clean and comfortable and the driver was very friendly and professional. 10/10
Sue Shrimpton