Taxi Driver Tales: Taxi to Wolves cures our driver’s hay fever

6 Ways it improves your health

247 Cars operate taxis in Walsall and we hear about all sorts of interesting stories especially early in the morning.

On a recent fare, one of our passengers asked to stop at Mcdonalds on the way to Wolverhampton.  This gentleman ordered a cup of hot water, naturally our driver found this a little strange, but our 247 customer service has trained our drivers not to pry into customer habits

As the taxi approached Neachells Lane traffic lights, our interesting guest casually pulled out a sachet of honey , fresh lemon and a sharp pocket knife

Startled, our driver, by this time couldn’t resist and asked the passenger what he was doing.

He smiled, and said he gave up coffee years ago and has cup of hot water every morning with honey and lemon.

He claimed that this had many benefits including

  1. Boost to immune system
  2. Improves his digestion
  3. Giving brilliantly clear skin
  4. Fights all sorts of allergies
  5. Helped keep him trim
  6. Gives a natural sugar fix.

By this time the taxi had arrived at Wolverhampton Train Station and man went to catch his connection.

Whilst relaying this story back to one of our managers in our taxi traffic office, the driver claimed he had started do this and it had made his hay fever go away.  Apparently the pollen in the honey slowly made him more tolerant to the pollen in the air.  Driving taxis and hay fever don’t mix and this had made him enjoy the summer for the first time in years.

We felt we had to share this with all the taxi travelling public.  Why not try this yourself and let us know how you got on.

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