5 Ways to Book a Taxi Ride with 247 Cars

Everyone is different and we have a method to suit everyone when comes to booking a taxi ride in Walsall, Wolverhampton, Wednesbury and North Birmingham.  Whether you search for a taxi near you or taxi near me on Google, Call by phone, use IVR, open your Taxi App, use Web Booker or book a taxi with Facebook Messenger; all is explained below.

  1. Telephone Operator: This is the good old-fashioned method, but what happens when 247 Taxis are very busy?  There are often long queues at our busiest times so calling up isn’t the most convenient method of booking your ride.  Our Taxi phone number is 01902 247247.
  2. IVR: This is our extremely clever automated taxi booking system.  It remembers your last three bookings and gives you a choice of taxi pick up.  It doesn’t matter about telling us your drop off location as you can tell your friendly 247 taxi driver when he arrives at your pickup point.  Your destination can be entered directly into the 247 Driver Companion App and your super cheap cab fare will be worked out as soon as you reach your end point. If you don’t like the IVR then it’s easy to by-pass by pressing zero at any time.  Ring 01922 666666 to try it.
  3. 247 Taxi Booking App:  What can we say about our ground breaking App that hasn’t already been said by our customers.  Tap, Tap Book is simply all you need to do and unlike Uber you can choose to pay by cash or card.  Using Google Maps, the 247 App takes you effortlessly through booking your ride.  Click http://bit.ly/2NiFmgG to download now.
  4. Taxi Web Booking:  Not a fan of Smart Phones?  But you still want to book your ride using tech, then you can book your cab through our website.  Simply click book now and enter your details and book a taxi will be dispatched within seconds.   The Web Booker has all the functionality of the App plus being able to book multi-drops. Click http://bit.ly/2HWG1jO from you Laptop or PC and be directed straight to the taxi booking area.
  5. Facebook Taxi Bot:  Our latest AI technology is the Facebook Messenger 247 Taxi Bot.  This clever little fellow uses Artificial Intelligence to ask you questions about your bookings and answers just like a human. We are the first taxi company in the West Midlands to offer this brilliant new taxi booking service.  So next time you need a cab but can’t stop chatting or have not got phone credit simply open messenger and book your ride with ease.  The Bot will also continue to message you when your taxi has arrived and even go on to ask you how your journey was. Click http://bit.ly/2NiFmgG to go straight to 247 Facebook Messenger to try booking a taxi with Facebook Taxi Bot.

247 Taxis are very close to introducing Taxi Promo Codes via push notification so please be sure to subscribe to our website and allow our App to send you messages so you don’t miss out on the generous taxi discount promotions we will be running.

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