Ramadan Mubarak to everyone.

Firstly let us tell you all how proud we are of you, the way that you have been returning after Iftari to cover the work in the first 7 days of Ramadan.  This time of year smaller firms cannot cope with the demand we can pick up a lot of new work by this extra support.

It will take a lot of effort getting yourself out again for 30 days, but if you all try your best and we work as a team you will benefit from new work gained due to your efforts.

We would also like to acknowledge the collective effort of drivers of reducing the amount of complaints we are getting.  The complaint rate has come right down and this will without a doubt have a benefit to your pockets at the end of the week.

If 20% of our drivers cause us to lose just customer a week, we will lose over 2000 customers a year and on an average fare of £6 and 3 jobs a week that £36,000 out of your collective pockets a year.  In real terms the loss is much larger.  We understand customers can be difficult sometimes and you have to cope with all sorts of terrible behaviour, however we will investigate complaint from you also just send any issues to [email protected] and we promise we will ban any customer who does not behave whilst in your car.