247 Cars & A2Z Taxis Merge

247 Cars Have Acquired A2Z Taxis

247 Cars Acquisition of A2Z creates one of the largest taxi fleets in the Black Country.

247 Cars has recently acquired A2Z Taxis to provide Walsall and Wolverhampton with one of the largest taxi fleets the area has ever had. Together, the group now has over 200 drivers and can fulfill your Walsall, Wednesbury and Wolverhampton taxi requirements faster than ever before.
A2Z have been offering in taxis in Walsall and Wolverhampton since 1990. At the time of merger, the firm has over 100 working drivers.  Collectively, the merged 247 Cars and A2Z now has over 200 drivers and a wider range of vehicles than ever before.
247 offer a wide range of services, ranging from cars, to minibus to PSV. With a promise of over 200 drivers and a multitude of vehicles available, customers never need to worry about being left without transport; whatever their requirements.
To book with 247 Cars you can book online, download our mobile app (the app is available in the Google Play store) or call on 01902 247 247.
All 200 drivers will be operating under the 247 umbrella. Customers of A2Z taxis can expect a vast improvement in operations, with A2Z vehicles now fitted with a state of the art computer tracking system which keeps you updated via text at all times. This means that we know the exact location of your taxi at all times. Call 01902 247 247 to book now.