10 simple travel safety tips everyone should know

From purse snatchers to identity thieves to dangerous criminals- there is always a new story in the news about someone taking advantage of travellers.
I have been lucky since I have never had any major problems, thank goodness and I honestly believe that most travellers will not fall victim to anything serious than pick-pocketing. We should still be careful and adopt certain safety practices when we travel.


If you’re planning your next trip and wondering how to travel safely, look no further than these 10 simple and straightforward travel safety tips for your ultimate safe travel guide:

1) SAY NO TO flashy jewellery
You don’t want to attract unnecessary attention when travelling and wearing expensive, flashy jewellery is one sure way to make yourself an obvious target for robbery. Avoid wearing any kind of flashy jewellery if you are planning to go out to a new place.

2) Drink responsibly
This is the most important safety tip for travellers. It is common knowledge that tourists enjoy exploring the nightlife while travelling but be aware of your surroundings and drink in moderation to keep safe. Ladies, please don’t forget the golden rule of safe drinking in public. ALWAYS keep an eye on your drink at all times!

Any reasonable person will advise you against carrying huge amounts of cash. Instead, opt to open an account with an international bank or maybe use a credit card so you have an access to local ATMS. If you must carry large amounts of cash in one go, leave most of it in a locked-up place in your hotel room and share your travel plans with a family member. When using ATMs, try to use only those that are attached to banks as these are less likely to have been tampered with by scammers.

4) Beware of scams
Scammers are everywhere, waiting to pounce on you and your family members. Some are really big con artists these days while others can be dealt with pretty easily. It is always a good idea to research the place you’re visiting to see what the local scammers are doing. This way you will be less likely to fall prey to these scammers.

5) Save phone numbers of emergency services
Always save the numbers of your nearest embassy. Keeping emergency numbers saved in your phone is also a good option in your phone before setting out. This way you’ll have a quick access to them if there is an emergency. When travelling always share your location with your friends and family.

6) Choose the correct bag
When travelling a foreign country, cross body bags are the safest options out there as they prevent people from grabbing your bag as they run or drive by. Invest in a good bag that suits you before starting your journey.

7) Bring travel locks and use them
Not all hotels have lockers in the rooms so it is always best to come prepared with your own lock if you plan to stay in a hotel. Investing in a travel lock that can secure your bag to your seat or chair while dining or in transit will help keep your valuables safe from theft. So, make the smart choice and get one before going out.

8) Keep digital copies of important documents
When traveling, your passport may be the most valuable thing you carry and you must be very careful about it. If your passport is stolen, having a copy of your passport and a digital copy will help you get a replacement more easily. Try not to carry your original documents everywhere you go, keep them in the hotel and carry digital ones if needed.

9) Get Travel Insurance
You never think you need it, until you do. When travelling to a new place, you are always an easy target. If you’re really worried about the safety of yourself and your gear while you travel, you can almost completely relax if you have some good insurance. Investing in one will give you the peace of mind you need.

10) Learn Basic Self-Defense
You don’t need black-belt skills, but joining a few self-defense classes is a worthwhile investment in your personal safety. I believe one needs to know self-defense even in their home town so it is never going to be a waste. Some good street-effective styles to consider are Krav Maga or Muay Thai.

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