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All Taxis Are Tracked by GPS. You can monitor your taxi to check its progress via the web. Book your Taxi by App by just few clicks.



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Lichfield is a city of just 32,000 people with a Lichfield District Council wider district population of 100,000. The center piece is the wonderful historic Cathedral. Lichfield is classed as a civil Parish in the County of Staffordshire.

Lichfield is 16 miles from Birmingham, 8 miles from Rugeley, 9 miles from Walsall, 8 miles from Tamworth and 13 miles from Burton Upon Trent. It’s land coverage area is approximately 5.4 square miles although the wider district is much larger

Lichfield has its two train stations called Lichfield City and Lichfield Trent Valley. Many of the residents actually work in London, commuting by train from the Trent Valley Station via a semi- fast train on the West Coast Main Line. This means taxi to station are a vital method of getting from home to the station.

Another public transport are bus services in Lichfield, but they are not frequent so the best way is to get around by Lichfield Taxi.

Suburbs of Lichfield District

  • Boley Park
  • Chadsmead
  • Christ Church
  • Darwin Park
  • The Dimbles
  • Leomansley
  • Nether Stowe
  • Sandfields
  • Stowe
  • Streethay
  • Trent Valley

Friarsgate retail and leisure development is a major focal point of the City Centre and locals find it much cheaper to book a private hire vehicle car than flag an expensive hackney carriage drivers that ply for hire around there.

Tourism is a major provider of income to the city and Friarsgate alone is said to attract more than 11,000 visitors a month.

Other facilities include Beacon Park and garden of remembrance laid in 1920 after world war 1. There two lakes called Minster Pool and Stowe Pool. For sports there is Friary Grange Leisure Centre. There are many sports clubs in Lichfield including football, rugby, hockey and cricket in the summer.

There is a Library and Museum on Market Square at St Mary’s Church.

The city’s hospital is called Samuel Johnson Community Hospital and is situated on Trent Valley Road. It is named after it’s most favourite son who is know for publishing the first English dictionary. The old hospital was called Victoria Hospital and was demolished in 2006.

There are 9 primary schools and 3 secondary schools (listed below) in Lichfield and many parents prefer to send their children to school via a minicab due to their busy lives.

  • The Friary School
  • King Edward VI School
  • Nether Stowe School

247 Cars is a 600 car regional taxi service and private hire operator which supplies a 24 hour service to Lichfield and the surrounding area. All taxi drivers are well trained and professional. Friendly drivers with clean well maintained cars can also provide airport transfers with very reasonable taxi fares. All UK airports are served by 247 Cars.

All sizes of vehicles are available including minibus, MPV and Black Cab which are wheelchair accessible.

With excellent rates and discounted travel for regular customers and pensioners. For the more business type people an executive car maybe preferable.

Riders can book by phone or by app. We have an exclusive WhatsApp service so booking by text is also available.

Highly rated on with 1000’s of reviews online 247 Cars is a service that can be trusted.

The main phone for the contact Centre is 01543 224747


247 Cars run  across UK with credible Taxi Services. If looking for a  Cab rush us for a trusted Service for a solo, family or a group journey. We love to Serve on priority.we’re always happy to help


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